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About At-Home Teeth Whitening

Having a bright, youthful smile is a confidence builder. MINT dentistry in Garland, TX knows that many people desire a Hollywood smile, which it why we help our patients with home teeth whitening kits. While you can try countless teeth whitening strips, gels, and toothpastes in stores, they have limited strength and typically produce disappointing results. The board-certified dentists and dental professionals at MINT dentistry help you to get the sexy teeth you want with personalized at-home teeth whitening. We will build your home whitening kit with comfortable, custom mouth trays and professional whitening gel, which we can refill during your future appointments. We believe all of our patients should have a bright, beautiful smile and we can help you get it using your personalized home teeth whitening kit.

Best Candidates

When you want to make your smile more dazzling at your convenience in the comfort of your home, the professionals at MINT dentistry offer personalized whitening kits. Your enamel may become dull as you age or have visible stains from years of dark food and drinks. Often our patients have used one or more store-bought whitening products, but they were ineffective, damaging, or uncomfortable. MINT dentistry offers whitening gel that is selected to match your needs, so it's ideal if you have tooth sensitivity. Also, your trays are made custom so they are snug, but comfortable. You can use your home teeth whitening on its own or to supplement laser teeth whitening to match your needs.

What to Expect

Every home whitening kit is personalized to your goals by your team of MINT dentistry professionals. Before developing your unique treatment plan, we will perform an examination to check your overall health and to help us choose your whitening formula and strength. Your exam will be performed in a well-equipped procedure room after you have settled into a treatment chair. While you wear special MINT sunglasses, a board-certified dentist will carefully assess your oral health to ensure you will benefit from home whitening treatments. After your examination, your dentist will review your treatment recommendations.

Treatment Aftercare

Results will vary based on how strong your whitening gel is, the initial color of your enamel, and how frequently you apply your whitening gel. As soon as you have the brightness you want, you can you can stop performing treatments every day. If you want to keep your teeth bright and healthy, you need to develop a daily oral hygiene routine and consider making certain changes, such as avoiding tobacco products plus dark food and drinks. In addition, you should keep attending your regular appointment at MINT dentistry, which helps to remove stains and if needed, we can give you more whitening gel. You need to keep your trays clean and store them in a safe place so they last a long time. Ask us to get more tips and suggestions that will help your results last.

The MINT Commitment

Typically, at-home teeth whitening kits are not covered under most dental insurance policies. MINT dentistry is dedicated to giving all of our patients the stunning smile they want. MINT dentistry offers free at-home whitening treatments to patients when they get a professional cleaning. For more information about MINT dentistry's free home teeth whitening kits, contact our practice in Garland, TX.

A Bright, White Smile

Thanks to custom whitening treatments from MINT dentistry, you can easily get sexy teeth. Combining products made and selected for your with a unique whitening plan, your whitening kit will be made by our experienced staff to meet your goals. For more information about at-home whitening treatments, make an appointment at our Garland, TX office.

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