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About Pediatric Dentistry

Knowing you have a healthy, beautiful smile makes you feel more confident no matter how old you are. At MINT dentistry, our goal is to provide your child a comfortable experience during every visit to our office in Garland, TX, so they will have a good impression with the dentist that makes it easier for them to have a lifetime of healthy smiles. Children should be scheduled visits to our office two times every year for professional cleanings and pediatric dental exams. At their appointment, a board-certified dentist will examine how your child's teeth are developing, check for problems, and show your child the best way to take care of their teeth. Consumers Choice has named MINT dentistry as "Best Family Dentist" two years in a row. As soon as you arrive with your child, a team member will hand them a tablet loaded with fun, age-appropriate games and videos to keep them busy. Help your child get a healthy, beautiful smile by making an appointment at our office in Garland, TX.

Best Candidates

Your child can begin to develop cavities and tooth decay as young as 24 months of age. MINT dentistry recommends scheduling your child's first visit when they are around one and a half years old, so a board-certified MINT dentist can start monitoring for issues like misalignment. Children usually keep their primary teeth for many years, so it's a good idea to make sure they are healthy so their permanent teeth can grow in properly. This includes visiting our office for an annual pediatric exam and bi-annual cleanings.

What to Expect

When it's time for your child's exam and cleaning, we will help them feel safe and comfortable. Our team will tell your child what is going to happen at every step so they understand the process. Your child will get to wear MINT sunglasses while they sit back in a special treatment chair. A MINT dentistry team member will first perform a basic examination of your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw followed by a professional cleaning. Dental sealants or fluoride treatments might be suggested to protect your child's developing teeth. If your MINT dental team discovers an issue, we'll talk to you to create a treatment plan based on both what your child needs and what they can easily tolerate. We are dedicated to using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to make sure your child's routine care and treatments are as quick, comfortable, and effective as possible.

Treatment Aftercare

If your dentist diagnoses an issue at your child’s appointment, we will ask you to schedule an appointment for a follow-up procedure. All of your MINT dentistry professionals are experienced at meeting all the dental care needs of your family. If your child requires a filling for a cavity, urgent care for an injured tooth, or Invisalign®, our office is here to help. To maintain a healthy mouth, our team of board-certified MINT dentists recommends you make appointments at least twice a year for every member of your family. Following a dental exam, cleaning, treatment, or procedure, we suggest following a daily routine of brushing and flossing, which our MINT dentistry team will help your child understand with education and demonstrations.

The MINT Commitment

Annual pediatric exams and bi-annual cleanings are typically paid, fully or partially, by dental insurance. For any procedures or recommended treatments, our office will reach out to your insurance company to calculate what is covered and any remaining cost. If you aren't covered by dental insurance, our office accepts several payment options so your family's dental care is easier to afford. MINT dentistry feels that good oral health and a great smile are priceless, so we're dedicated to helping you. Talk to your MINT dentistry team for more information on getting your family on the MINT Discount Plan.

Finest Pediatric Care

You can help your child develop great habits and good dental health that will benefit them for life starting with annual exams at MINT dentistry. We believe it's helpful to start getting oral health exams as early as 18 months old to avoid bigger conditions, so every member of your family has a smile that is healthy and bright. If you'd like to schedule a visit for your family, contact our team in Garland, TX.

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