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About Dentures

Removable dentures are a wonderful choice if you want to replace several lost teeth. Traditional removable dentures can rejuvenate your smile and help you eat and speak confidently. MINT dentistry’s team of dental professionals offers either partial or full traditional removable dentures for anyone who wants a natural-looking smile. A full denture replaces all the teeth in both your upper and lower arches or in just one. A partial denture leaves as many of your natural teeth as possible to hold the restoration in place. At MINT dentistry, our team will help you choose whether partial or full dentures fit your situation, then have your dentures made custom so they look great and feel natural. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our modern practice to get more information on removable dentures from MINT dentistry in Garland, TX, which can give you a smile you feel confident in.

Best Candidates

Dentures may be a good choice if you are missing the majority of your teeth, but your jaw is still strong and your gums are healthy. If you still have some of your natural teeth, they can be used to support a partial denture or extracted for a full denture. At your initial consultation, your dentist will assess your oral health before reviewing your choices to match your needs and goals. If you are missing some or all of your teeth, schedule a consultation to start your smile transformation with dentures.

What to Expect

We begin every procedure by helping you settle into a comfortable treatment chair in a well-equipped treatment room. We'll offer you the option of watching a television show or listening to your favorite music through a pair of Beats headphones. Once you've put on stylish MINT sunglasses, the process will start. When applicable, your dentist will perform an extraction and then take the impressions needed to craft your dentures. If you are getting partial dentures, they will be matched to the shade of your remaining teeth for an attractive appearance. After your custom dentures are made, you dentist may make small adjustments so they feel comfortable and secure. Your dentist will then discuss how to take care of your dentures, including how to clean and store them.

Treatment Aftercare

Give yourself a few days to adjust before your dentures feel natural, but it should be easier to speak and eat. If you feel like your dentures are loose, talk to your restoration team and we'll schedule an appointment to improve the fit of your dentures. You will need to clean your dentures two times a day by brushing them. When you take out your dentures, you should soak them in water so they do not get dry. Keep scheduling your regular cleaning appointments and exams at our practice, so we can watch the fit and wear of your restoration plus the health of your mouth. Your dentist will talk to you if your dentures need to be fixed or replaced; however, with optimal care, your full or partial dentures can be a long-lasting restoration.

The MINT Commitment

Our team at MINT dentistry is dedicated to giving sexy teeth to each of our valued patients. If you're using dental insurance, some of your costs will generally be paid by your benefits. Our team will reach out to your insurance provider to understand your specific coverage and remaining expenses. In your initial consultation, your treatment plan will be created to fit both your goals and budget. So your dentures are easy to afford, our practice accepts most payment methods and we can help you apply for low-interest financing.

Gorgeous Teeth

Smile confidently again with custom dentures by MINT dentistry in Garland, TX. We are pleased to provide custom-made removable dentures, both full and partial, so you can enjoy eating, speaking, and smiling again. Get more information on how dentures can replace missing teeth for a rejuvenated smile during your initial consultation with one of our board-certified dental professionals.

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